Call for Papers

We have invited a selected group of researchers to submit their contributions to the 17th International Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computing (CPC 2013). The scope encompasses all areas of parallelism and optimization, from embedded systems to large scale parallel systems and computational grids. Here is a representative list of topics:

  • Parallel programming models and languages.
  • Parallelization techniques: user-directed, semi-automatic, and automatic.
  • Optimizations for exploiting the memory hierarchy.
  • Optimizations for exploiting instruction level parallelism.
  • Optimizations for power consumption.
  • Profile directed and feedback assisted compilation.
  • Program analysis and program understanding tools.
  • High-level specification and domain-specific languages compilation.
  • Architectural models and performance prediction.
  • Just-in-time compilation.
  • Static and dynamic optimization techniques for performance and scalability.
  • Parallel runtime systems.
  • Continuous program optimization.
  • Program analysis frameworks and tools.
  • Back-end code generation and optimizations.
  • Compilation and optimization for multi-core systems.
  • Performance modeling and tools for performance tuning.
  • Architectural support for productive parallelization.

We encourage submission on new and emerging topics and reports on work in progress. Papers may contain previously-published material, but should reflect the authors’ current interest. To enable a wide representation of research groups, a maximum of two papers per group will be accepted.

Proceedings and journal special issue

Accepted papers will be published in local proceedings, which will be distributed electronically to the participants. Authors may choose to not include their papers in these proceedings by explicitly notifying the organizers. In any case, CPC does not retain any copyright. Selected original papers presented in the workshop should be published as a special issue of IJPP.

Instructions for authors

Authors should submit a one-page abstract and title for consideration by April 7, 2013. Acceptance decisions will be notified by April 19, 2013. Camera ready papers must be sent by June 9, 2013. To facilitate the editing of local proceedings, please send your papers in PDF, formatted according to either the Springer LNCS template (single column, limited to 20 pages) or the IEEE Tran template (double column, limited to 10 pages).

For all general questions relative to the CPC’13 workshop, and to submit abstracts and camera ready papers, please contact Alain Darte at