As the Domaine des Hautannes has a limited capacity and in order to optimize the use of the 35 allocated rooms (double or single), registration will occur in two phases. In a first phase (until April 05, but the sooner the better), people willing to participate should signal their interest to the organizers (contact Alain Darte at Please provide the number of people in your group (colleagues or students) who intend to participate, and if they can share rooms. In a second phase, the organizers will decide if everybody can stay at Domaine des Hautannes and the allocation of rooms. The final registration, including the payment, will occur in this second phase, until April 19.

Registration fees should be 150 euros for a double room, 200 euros for a single room, and will cover the whole week (for food and lodging), from the first lunch on Monday 13 to the last lunch on Friday 17, and one afternoon of “tourism”. People who prefer to arrive on Sunday or to leave on Saturday may ask for a room on Sunday night and on Friday night.

Payment will be done through a dedicated web page, to be provided after April 05.